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Rules for earning credit points

Rules for earning credit points

Earning credit points: 1 point will be earned for every 100 Yuan consumed on international brands, garments, shoes and bags, leather products, toys, gifts and theme restaurants.

(Some merchants do not participate in accumulation of credit points. For more details, please refer to the announcement made by the reception desk of Rio Carnival)

Lego Education, Jackie Chan Cinema, UK KTV, Sea Pole Star Ice Skating World, Youke and Food Court do not participate in accumulation of credit points. The credit point standard for consumption at each store is subject to the announcement made by our reception desk.

Use of credit points: A member can exchange their credit points for premium gifts or use their credit points as cash with the merchants by showing his/her membership card and valid ID card.

Rule for clearing of credit points: From the date when the credit points are earned, they will be valid until December 31 of next year.

For discounts and credit points, a member shall show his/her membership card before making the payment.

For earning credit points of some merchants, the member shall take his/her own membership card and shopping receipt to apply for credit points at the reception desk of Rio Carnival.

The credit points will be valid for two days for the shopping receipt. You can also take photos and earn the credit points on the official WeChat account of Rio Carnival. The registration of credit points at WeChat end will be valid for seven days. The same credit points may not be earned repeatedly.

Rio Carnival shall reserve the right of identification and interpretation on the receipt from each merchant. The receipt will not be taken as the credential for credit points earning (except for some merchants). If a member registers credit points for more than three times in the same store in one single day, he or she shall show his/her valid ID card.

The credit points earned by collecting shopping receipts from others will be considered as invalid.

Credit points cannot be transferred between different membership cards, which should be exchanged for gifts in time.

When applying for changing or refunding, a member shall go to the reception desk to adjust the credit points first. In returning goods, the corresponding gifts shall be returned at the same time. The gifts shall stay in their original conditions, have never been opened or used. If the gifts cannot be returned, the corresponding price of the gifts shall be paid.

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